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This section explains how to work with messages represented in XML. Pass4s comes with the Phobos support for XML message transformation.

To use the module make sure to add following import to your build.sbt

// phobos XML senders/consumers
"com.ocadotechnology" %% "pass4s-phobos" % "v0.4.0"

With that module added, you can now import additional syntax for consumers and producers. To enable the syntax add following import to your file:

import com.ocadotechnology.pass4s.phobos.syntax._

The syntax allows you to use .asXmlSender[T] on the senders and .asXmlConsumer[T] on consumers. Please note that for this to work, you need to provide XmlEncoder[T] in case of Sender and XmlDecoder[T] for Consumer.

Here's how to create most basic encoder and decoder using Phobos:

import ru.tinkoff.phobos.decoding._
import ru.tinkoff.phobos.encoding._
import ru.tinkoff.phobos.syntax._
import ru.tinkoff.phobos.derivation.semiauto._

final case class XmlMessage(description: String, value: Long, rows: List[String])

object XmlMessage {
implicit val xmlEncoder: XmlEncoder[XmlMessage] = deriveXmlEncoder("xmlMessage")
implicit val xmlDecoder: XmlDecoder[XmlMessage] = deriveXmlDecoder("xmlMessage")

Please refer to the project repository for more detailed guide on using Phobos.

When applying the syntax to consumer, consider using MessageProcessor.