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Broker is a higher level abstraction than Consumer and Sender, it resides in "com.ocadotechnology" %% "pass4s-high" % "v0.4.0" module.

It aims to:

  • Provide an easy way to build sender and consumer out of a connector
  • Allow the user to route the requests - select the right sender/consumer logic based on the source of the message
trait Broker[F[_], +P] {
def consumer[R >: P](source: Source[R]): Consumer[F, Payload]

def sender[R >: P]: Sender[F, Message[R]]

object Broker {
def fromConnector[F[_]: Async, P](connector: Connector[F, P]): Broker[F, P]
def routed[F[_], P](chooseBroker: End[P] => Broker[F, P]): Broker[F, P]

Sample broker initialization might look like this:

val brokerResource = Akka
.flatMap { implicit sys =>
implicit val connectorLogger: Logger[IO] = Slf4jLogger.getLoggerFromClass[IO](classOf[Connector[IO, Jms]])

.map(Broker.fromConnector[IO, Jms])

Plese see the DemoMain.scala for full usage example.